Saturday, June 27, 2015

No More Blog Posts

....and probably no more posts to facebook, either.

This post is quite overdue.

I'm still crocheting a lot. But my camera broke over a year ago. And my computer crashed awhile ago, taking away so much of my work.

Starting over is overwhelming, as my kids are getting older, as I'm working out of the house more and more, and as life's pace is picking up.

If you are here because of a pattern from my Etsy shop you saw on Pinterest, I regret to inform you it's just not available anymore.

I do, however, pin all sorts of crochet delights. You're welcome to follow along! Purple Chair Crochet on Pinterest

Many thanks to those who have followed along these past few years. Your kind comments and likes on facebook were always appreciated! I also really loved selling those patterns and knowing I was providing so much joy.

Ah, sad.

Maybe one day I'll boot this all back up. Start anew. But, for now, I must be content with being a reader of blogs, a purchaser of patterns, and not the writer or creator.

I hope you understand, Friends.

Grace and Peace,