Thursday, January 19, 2012

Star Flower (Free!)

So, I was working on my mystery project this week, which involves trying out a variety of 
and while I was tweaking and creating and designing, out popped this 
cute little star.

Ignore my wrinkled old lady hands. I'm secretly 108, but that's just between us, mkay?
Sadly, the star flower is too big for the mystery project. But I was too smitten to unravel it, and am now passing it's simple 3-round pattern to
Star Flower How To:
Round 1: Chain 2 (or magic circle) and in the first ch, work 5 sc. Join w/ sl st to first sc.
Round 2: *Chain 4, sc in next st * around. (5 ch-4 loops created)
Round 3: *sc, hdc, dc, picot (ch3, sl st to first ch), dc, hdc, sc in ch-loop. Sc in sc of prev round *. Repeat around. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Flowers are perfect for pins, hair accessories (clips, headbands, combs), garlands, embellishments on blankets, scarves, sweaters, bags... anything, really. So get to creating!



  1. So, I was doing an etsy search for a shall, and well, I love seeing what people come up with, and I cam across one of your patterns. Glad to have found you - and your blog! I've spent a good 1.5 hours on it now looking at your posts and all the gorgeous photos. I'll be sure to stop in regularly :)


  2. So glad you've stopped by!! :) You have a lovely shop (those kids are adorable!!)


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