Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Now What? (Yarn)

I got this Avocado Yarn a couple of months ago. It was 
completely impulsive of me
....which, is kinda nice and different. 

I'm the type to write a list of the yarn I need for the projects I must complete
lose that list,
go to the store anyway
and get only half of what I needed 
I forgot what I initially wrote.

I bought this yarn.
And I had wanted it for a very large center piece for my dining room.

I still do.
I was going to take the Ruffled Granny Rug pattern 
with this slighter yarn
and a smaller hook
and create a beautiful table top mandala. 

What's the hang up? 

I have 2 small boys.

3 years, 4.5 months


1 year, 7 months

And I noticed a horribly natural tendency among them to...
...dump out entire bowls full of cereal-
...smear yogurt drips as if that was making them better
...topple drinks
...suddenly make an attempt to climb upon the table
...grab the current center placemat and use it to wipe up the table, wipe their nose, smack their brother, throw on the floor (sometimes in succession)

(Yes, I am working on their table manners, but these things take time.)

In the mean time, I don't want
 my beautiful, impulsive yarn 
to be destined for
destruction and ruin.

So... now what?

It's very light weight yarn, I'd say somewhere between fingering and sport. I've found quite a few slouchy hats that I like (I actually bought a pattern for a GoRgEoUs one!). But, I don't know if I truly have enough yarn or if I even want a color changing hat. That could be a disaster. I don't want my beautiful, impulsive yarn to be a disaster.

I also considered making it into a bag... it's 100% cotton so I'm positive it'd hold up just fine in the real world. I have some bamboo handles lying around... waiting... 

So that's where I'm at. I'll let you know where this goes!

I hope you all have a *lovely* day!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not-That-Ugly Stash Bustin' Blankie (Finished)

Perhaps you remember my Stash Bustin' Blankie?  
In a burst of industry, I finished it!! 

And I'm so pleased that it's not nearly as ugly as I was preparing myself for. Oh sure, there are hints of uglyness - not ever square is perfect -, but that merely adds to the charm. 

This was taken the day before I finished it...


And here's how she progress today...

Lots and lots of little bits to weave in and trim off.... and I suppose I could have primped the edges up a bit before snapping these. I was rushed, I was excited to be so close to  d o n e !

And now: Close Ups of Favorite Squares...

A last look at the yucky side. Next time I'll be a good crocheter and weave in as I go. Promise.

All that was left a short while later.


And now, perhaps my favorite part: Kid Testing! Featuring Adorable Son the Second 
(aka, The Stinky One)

"Good for grabbing."

"Good for standing on." 
"Good for throwing."
"Good for wiping off your boots (machine washable)."
"Holds up nicely to beatings with a sippy cup."

"Good for small picnics."

"Kid and Moose Approved."

Before I finish, I'll just say this:
With the exception of 3 balls of ecru white cotton, all of the squares were made with yarn on hand.
Total Cost: $7.00 
The blanket is 6 squares across and 6 squares deep.
It is a mix of cotton & acrylic-blend yarn (I know, I know, is Nothing Sacred?! Hey, I had leftovers.)
It is 40" x 40", great for one person crocheting in a purple chair.
There's (so far) no true border, and I may not put one on. I simply granny-ed around.
This blanket was made while watching Top Gear with my Charming Husband (I actually do like that show. I married a car-guy, so I'd better!)and episodes of Downton Abbey (when I was on my own). 

Now I just have to get on finishing that Bed of Roses blanket.... uhh...

Hope You Have a 
Lovely Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

(No Longer a) Mystery Project Finished!

Remember my Mystery Project?
I finally got around to FiNiShInG that blasted beautiful thing! 

Pretty much everyone, from blog-land to friends over for a visit agreed that it needed more. I'm glad they all saw what I saw when I looked at it's sparse self. 

Here's a Before (if you didn't feel like clicking the link)....

And now, the After!

So Fun and Happy and Delightful and Colorful and Funky and Good! 

Now if I could just get around to finishing the rest of the kitchen... If only painting was as appealing as crochet. :)

Have a Lovely Day!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Olivia Octopus (New!)

A friend of mine knit an octopus over the summer and included it in a facebook album. 
"Oh, cute!" I thought. "I should crochet one!" And so I did. 

Introducing: Olivia Octopus!

Olivia being kid-tested.

Her removable hat is quite the hit.

Olivia, having been approved by The Stinky One, is prepped for her photo-shoot.

How many pictures can you take of a stuffed octopus before they start getting redundant? 4, apparently.... maybe less.

This Olivia Octopus is destined for Miss Olivia S., my sweet little cousin/niece. My boys bid her farewell as I placed her in the padded envelope. They were quite smitten with her. I think I may be required to create an octopus of their own: Ollie Octopus, perhaps? 

Follow this link to 

And how else can I close this post than to offer a little Beatles for you all. :)
Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wooly Belle (Shops)

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a very charming woman named Amanda. She has a yarn & craft shop not too far from me (relatively speaking) in Vinton, Virginia. I was very flattered to hear that she loved my patterns and would I be interested in selling them (and some finished items) through her shop?

*~ Um, yes. Yes, I would! ~*

Amanda is awesome and so encouraging- she left everything up to me and my tastes. It took a little procrastination and second guessing (most of my creative work does) but once I got a bit of momentum it all started to come together. Fortunately, my friend Greg was in the midst of working on my logo (as seen above; isn't it great? So purple-chairy. Perfect) so I could even send everything in with a logo-ed tag that made it look like I was a legitimate designer/crafter. Ahh, marketing myths. ;) 

So, without further blather from me, here's what I've created.... 

First: The Star Flower Garland (The Star Flower is a *free* pattern I've put here on the blog!)

Then: Owl Be Your Friend (the little version) I do have another one of these to make in a charcoal grey with yellow wings and an orangey beak. So the order isn't quite complete yet.

Also: The Bubbly Bauble Cowl

And Some: Coffee House Cowls (and Earwarmers!)

Of Course a Couple: Elegant Clutch (size Medium & Small) I made them smaller than the pattern calls for so they're more like pouches- perfect to stash crochet hooks in (oh yeah!).

And Perhaps Most Importantly: The Patterns!!!

Things That Are Rewarding No. 1: A box full of your finished items.

Things That Are Rewarding No. 2: Seeing your shop name on your logo on your tags on your finished item that you created from your brain.

Things That Are Rewarding No. 3: Printing a bunch of patterns that you haven't looked at since you wrote them in the first place. (It's interesting to see how my formatting has evolved since I first started. Newer stuff looks better. The newest even has a logo ON it. Whaaat.)

Things That Are Rewarding No. 4: Sending out a finished order and hoping that someone will love the stuff you've made as much as you do (maybe even more!).

I'm ridiculously excited!!
(In case you missed that part.)

For more information about Wooly Belle you can check out: 
by, ya know, clicking the link. (Internet Navigation 101)

And since you're checking out links, 
here's another great one that features:

Have a wonderful day!