Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Endless Possibilities Cowl (How To!)

Originally, my Endless Possibilities Cowl looked like this.

But then I noticed that the "sun" motif looked more like a saw blade. Weird. Once you see something you can never ever un-see it. So I snooped around my own blog (a satisfying moment) and rediscovered my Sweet Sunshine Motif. I sat in my new cozy chair (no, not the purple chair) and worked up some sweet sunshine, despite the sun setting long before.

Anyone else notice I have one blue eye and one green eye?
People hardly ever do, but sometimes in pictures it's another one of those things I can't unsee.

Tah dah!

How to Make Your Own Endless Possibilities Cowl!

First you pick out your yarn. I chose cotton because I like it, and I chose navy blue because I like it. That's the best way to go about choosing yarn. I then picked a hook that went with the yarn I was choosing. Since I went with a worsted weight cotton, I picked a medium-ish size hook (J-10/6mm). You know what you like, so go with your gut.

You make a chain stitch that, when joined, comfortably goes over your head. The shorter your chain, the snugger the fit. The longer the chain, the looser. You can make it an "infinity scarf" by just making a loooooooooooo(ooooooooooooOOOoooooOOooooo)ng chain.

When your chain is to your liking, you join to the first chain, making sure you don't twist you chain *at all*. Unless you *want* a twist in your cowl (which can be a nice design element). And in that case, twist it!

You then stitch in each chain around. Use any stitch you want. I choice the DC (double crochet), because I get a good flow going with that particular stitch that I just don't get with others. But if SC or HDC or TR is your preference, go for it. The possibilities are *endless*, actually, since there are stitch repeats out there that make for gorgeous crochet. But I kept mine simple because I wanted to show off my motif.

You keep making your stitch around and around and around, joining at the end of each round and chaining up the appropriate amount to your next round. Keep this up- the more rounds you make, the denser your cowl will be. Mine's not very dense, but I live in Virginia and it doesn't get that cold here. Plus, I wanted something I could wear Autumn through Spring (in line with that "endless possibilities" theme).

Once you're finished making your big crocheted tube that is your cowl, you embellish it. Motif? Flower? Embroidery? Patches of fabric? Felt shapes? Anything. The cowl is your canvas. Be creative. Make it beautiful. Make it yours. :)

(Here's the Sweet Sunshine Motif Link again, just in case you were smitten. Check out the rest of my freebie patterns, on the right of the screen!)

Have a Lovely Day!

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