Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthday Bunting (Free!)

Last Wednesday (the 30th of May), I celebrated my 26th birthday. It was completely perfect.
My Charming Husband took off work.
He came with me to a yoga class.
The boys were *good* that day (hurray!).
The house ended up being clean with minimal effort (love when that happens).
Friends came over and played with our children while Charming and I ventured off to Carytown, a little strip of shopping, eats, and fun things in Richmond.
I snagged some vibrantly colored yarn from The Yarn Lounge.
Food was consumed. Gifts (for myself and others) were purchased.
The day began drizzly and cloudy, but soon cleared to a beautiful expanse of azure.
See? Perfect. :)

But, you're here for the yarn. ;)
So, here it is. And a something that I made from it, too. Oh, and my "helper" made an appearance as well. Gets a tad bossy too, but I suppose he gets that from his parents.

"Take a picture of my pooh-bear! Can I see???"

"This one, this orange one. Yep, that one's my favorite."

Ta-dah! A sweet little bunting for my door.

I have a bunch of bunting available in my Etsy shop, but not for long. I've just arranged to sell all the completed items for the Meal-a-Day Fund. Just a way to incorporate Love and Service and Sharing into my crafting, something I've been wanting to do since I was pregnant with the 2nd boy.

But, here's something for you.

Granny Bunting How-To....

Granny Triangle: 

Any size hook with an appropriate yarn-weight. Or any yarn-weight with an appropriate hook. ;)
(Sorry, newbies. Uh, go for a 4mm hook and a sport weight yarn. Should do the trick!)
Begin by: Chain 4, join with sl st to first ch.
Round 1: Chain 2 (counts as first dc) 3dc in chain loop. *Ch 3, 4dc in chain loop. * 2x around. Ch 3, join with sl st to first dc.
Round 2: Sl st across dc cluster and into ch sp. Ch2 (counts as first dc), 3dc in ch sp. Ch3, 4dc in same space (corner formed). *Ch1, in next chain loop form another corner by 4dc, ch3, 3dc *. Repeat around, and slip st into first dc.
Round 3: Sl st across dc cluster and into corner. *Form a corner (4dc, ch3, 4dc), ch1; in ch1 sp of prev round work 4dc, ch1 * repeating around. Join with sl st to first dc.
Repeat Round 3 until the triangle is to the size you like. Fasten off.
Create as many as you like, in colors of your choice. Change colors for each round for a festive look.

Chain 10 (or 15, your preference), join with sl st to first ch. Chain 5 (or 10, 15, or preference), sl st across bunting. Repeat across with as many triangles as you like!

Easy-peasy. Now get to work!

Have a lovely day!

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