Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Owl Make a Motif (Free!)

(This page has been getting quite a bit of action the past couple of months- welcome to all those who found Purple Chair Crochet via Pinterest! Feel free to snoop around- my *free* patterns are linked on the right side of the page, and if you're interested in something a bit more challenging, check out Purple Chair Crochet on Etsy, where I offer crochet patterns emailed to you in PDF form. :) Ok, now back to the Owls!!)

Hmm, what to make.
"Owl Make a Motif"!

These little guys were inspired by Pinterest,
but came from my own brain... 
uh, at the same time.

They're small (as you see below, being modeled by my son, Booger aka Jet aka The Professor).

They're fast (begging for a friend, or two... or three).

Like the basket? That's their new nest. The pattern is available with my other free patterns- check the links to the RIGHT. You may have to scroll upwards a bit. A little bit more. Right there, see it? 

They're colorful (weeeeee, color!)

And I bet you want to know...

How did I make these?

The Professor requested this owl have green eyes.

Well, I'll tell you.

First, gather your things...
3 colors of worsted weight cotton yarn. 
white cotton yarn (eyes)
color for beak (red, yellow or orange)
safety eyes or extra bits of dark colored yarn
yarn needle
4mm crochet hook.

Got all that? Great!

For the body...
RND 1: Ch4, join with sl st to first ch create a loop. ch2 (counts as first dc), 15 dc in ring around. Join with sl st to first dc. fasten off (16 dc)
RND 2: Join new color, ch2, dc in same space. In each stitch around work *2dctog, ch1 *. Join with sl st to first dc. Fasten off (16 2dctog)
RND 3: Join new color, ch2 (counts as first dc), 2dc in ch sp of previous rnd. In next ch sp work *3dc, ch 2, 3dc *. Work 3dc in each sp around the next 13 ch spaces. In next ch space work *3dc, ch 2, 3dc *.  3dc in next ch sp, then join with slip stitch to first dc. Fasten off. (see your owl? he's almost here!)

For the eyes... (create 2)
RND 1: Ch2 (or magic circle) leaving a long "tail" off of your slip knot. In first ch work 12 dc stitches. Join with sl st to first dc. Fasten off. Pull center tail firmly to close the circle. 

With your beak color, create a beak using the center of your motif as your starting place. Next, sew eyes into place as desired (refer to pictures if needed) and affix safety eyes or embroider eyelids.

And that's all there is to it! :):) Make a million!


  1. Thank you for your lovely pattern and funny blog.

  2. Thank you so much. I love the owlies!

  3. I have 2 questions... How do you get yours to lay so flat? I made one and its rather wavy around the edges. It doesn't lay flat all the way around. Second, if I want to make him bigger, how would I increase for another round? Thanks. :-)

    1. If your is too wavy, your hook may be too big. I used a smaller hook, so my stitches were tighter.
      Increasing another round, I would suggest the *new* Round 3 being 3dctog, ch1 (or 2?) around, and then making Round 4 as you did for the old round 3, but maybe making it 4dc clusters instead of 3dc clusters. I haven't tested that, just my knee jerk reaction.
      Hope it works out! Let me know :)

  4. Can you give me some pointers on that beak?! Having a tough time pulling that part off!

    1. I took some of the orangey/yellow color and used my yarn needle to slip stitch a triangle, using the center of the owl as the bottom part of the beak. From there I just filled it in by continue to slip stitch inside the triangle I'd created. I hope that helps? :) :)

  5. what do you mean by tog?

    1. "tog" is the crochet abbreviation for "together". :)


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