Friday, November 18, 2011

Been Busy (WIP)

I've been busy! Here are some visuals to prove it!
A Flora Infinity Scarf in "Green Sheen" for a friend.

My oldest's Christmas gift. Green Hat = Doesn't Get Much Better

Christmas gift for a nephew

Christmas gift for a cousin.

Christmas gift for a niece.

I'm not even halfway down with the Christmas gifts. Oye, what have I gotten myself into?? I think I asked myself that last year as well...

So many scraps!! 

Waste not...

...want not.

The plan is to border them up in Ecru and have a nice throw blanket that matches everything...

...and nothing simultaneously.

Which is exactly what my eclectic side craves.

BLAH I hate you messy scraps! Be organized into granny squares!

I do love that blue... and the yellow. 

A lovely pile of granny squares. Another Crochet Cliche.

New yarn for a commissioned order! 

I stuffed them in the Market Tote bag and realized it's makes a much better stash bag. 

The times I've brought it to the grocery store the employees get scared and only put 1 or 2 items in it. 

What my desk looks like right now. Not a disaster, but not all that put together either. It works, and that's enough for me.

What's on the hook? A purple something. :) I love me some pyrex too- check out my yarn bowl!

I have plans for some lovely earrings from this green. It's much greenier in Real Life. And less blurry.

Love the warms in autumn. :)
Current yarn stash.

Hope you've enjoyed your sneak peek into my current crochet projects! What's on your hook right now?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple is Best (Fantastic Finds)

Right now I'm making a cowl. I'll tell you exactly how to make it, no pattern lingo, nothing. It's simple.

Chain as many chains as will reach around your neck. More for a long cowl (keep going and going for an infinity scarf!) less for a snug fit.  Half-double-crochet in each across. Then, double-crochet in each across until the cowl is to a depth of your liking. Half-double-crochet in each across. Either slip-stitch the sides together, or find another way of fastening the two. Maybe add a twist before you join the sides. Maybe fold the cowl in half and add a button. The little finishing touches add visual interest, but don't change the simplicity. 

While we're on the subject, check out how beautiful simple is...

Image courtesy of Akkord

Image courtesy of dualchocolate

Image courtesy of KnitAndWedding

Image courtesy of KraeO

Image courtesy of LoveandKnit

Image courtesy of LoveKnitAndCrochet

Image courtesy of thehouseofhemp
Gorgeous, classic and perfect in their simplicity, these finds are fantastic.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting... (Pinterest)

So I got sucked into Pinterest like everyone else in the world. So far it's not much different from what I've always been doing- finding an inspiring picture and saving it in a folder. The folder has simply moved from my desktop to my Pinterest Board where I can see everything at once, add captions, share with friends and find a ton more things quickly.

Especially, crochet things. ;)

Of course you knew that was coming, this is a Celebration-of-Crochet blog. Duh. So, here goes:

My Pinterest Crochet Finds!
Image courtesy of Gra├ža Paz
 (This blanket is knit between the flower puffs. Easy to replicate with a nice HDC-knit-look stitch though, don't you think? ;) I do.)

Image courtesy of Flickr - no name given
 Pineapple scarf! I still haven't made any, this seems like a nice way to begin.

Image courtesy of peaceofshell
Impractical. But, um, so?

Image courtesy of yarnbites
I've made a ruffle scarf very similar to this one, but with a less poofy yarn (that's a technical term, I'm sure). I really like the look of the poofy yarn. Time for an upgrade...? 

Can't wait to keep on Pinterest-ing! The inspiration on there is overwhelming. This is gonna be great. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fun with Granny! (Fantastic Finds)

For some reason Granny Squares are associated with mainly blankets and often throw pillows. Why is that? There's so much you can do with a granny square (or hexagon!)....

Image courtesy of kootoyoo (click the link for the free pattern!)

Image courtesy of lacasadecoto

Image courtesy of Mamachee

Image courtesy of PastPerfectPatterns

Image courtesy of polkadottyspotty

Image courtesy of irenestrange

Image courtesy of thepurlbee (click the link for the free pattern!)

Image courtesy of thepurlbee (click the link for the free pattern!)

Image courtesy of thepurlbee (click the link for the free pattern!)

Image courtesy of saltcitydesign

Image courtesy of woolandwhatnot
People are so creative. :)
What have YOU used Granny Squares for? Leave it in the comments!