Monday, April 9, 2012

The Granny of All Bags (How-To)

You may remember the

It's D-O-N-E!

And holy cannoli, it's huge! 
I'm pretty sure it's bigger than I am. 
You can fit a large toddler in this thing... not that I tried. 
I don't have to try, it's obvious.

Anyway, here it is, in it's humungous Granny of All Bags glory...

Already stuffed with yarn for the next project. Check back for *that* project. It's a good one. I'm in LoVe! 

I left the pattern right after I finished my giant granny square. I just didn't feel like doing all those single crochet stitches called for. Laaaa zeeeee. So really, it's nothing at all like what the pattern dictated. And I'm pretty sure it's bigger than the pattern dictated. I didn't note the yarn type, the hook size, the gauge... yeah, none of that. So keep in mind what your tools are before you jump into this thing. Smaller hook and thinner yarn = smaller bag. Which I plan to make as well. :)

Here's a simplified version of my steps for all you lovely crocheters. Sorry this isn't a tutorial. Nor is it really a pattern.... it's just a how-to. Any questions, leave 'em in the comments section and I'll try my very best to answer them!

The Granny of All Bags: How-To
1) Make a granny square. Mine was 26 rounds. Huge. This sucker definitely isn't a purse. I guess it could be, if you have a lot of loot and don't mind putting a liner in it. Weave in all your ends and clean it up a bit.
2) Fold in half with right sides together. Join yarn to both sides and single crochet into every chain one space. This will pull your side closed. Go around the corner and into the top for the first 5-8 chain one spaces (just use your judgement and personal preferences. There's not better way). Fast off, repeat this step on the opposite side.
3) Now that your sides are decreased, you're going work your granny stitch (3dc, ch1) across one side of the opening of the bag. Continue for 3 or 4 rows, then tuck your handle in and *around the handle* slip stitch the last row worked with the first row worked. Make sense? Oh, good. :) Repeat that on the other side.
4) Weave in your ends. Be shocked at how comical it initially looks. Then fall in love with it's funky retro-fabulous good looks.
5) Stuff your yarn inside. Take it everywhere you crochet!


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