Thursday, July 28, 2011

Make a Difference (Thursday Thoughts)

 Looking for an easy way to make a difference? A church member, Jennifer, recently began SNUGGLES, a work at your own pace opportunity to do some good in this world.
Here's some information in her own words: 
"Dear Friends,
        I was very blessed to have had the privilege to travel to South Africa on a mission trip last October. While there we discovered a need for blankets for the small children that attend the sometimes poorly furnished day cares. While we cannot change all the poverty in the world, we CAN make a difference in the lives of many and so project SNUGGLES was started. SNUGGLES is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing knit or crocheted 6x6 inch yarn squares that will be sewn together (in Africa) into small blankets for the children in the day care centers of South Africa. If you are interested in joining me or know of anyone (friends, grandmothers, aunts, knitting clubs, yarn shops, etc) that you can pass along the information to or who would be interested in this adventure please let me know. Squares of any quantity, any color, any yarn are accepted. Not a knitter or don't know how to crochet? No problem, donations of yarn or monetary contributions are accepted to help assist in the making of these squares and shipping costs to Africa.
        Please consider supporting this life changing experience with your contribution today. It is such a blessing to know that something so small to us can and will make such a difference in the well being of these small children. 
       For addition information please contact me at: [at]"

 I have a whopping 7 squares to contribute thus far (they're great stash busters, by the way), but with my 7, and your 7, and that friend you always wanted to teach to crochet's 7... well, you see where this is going.

 I intentionally left her mailing address out of the pictures/her open letter to protect Jennifer's privacy. Please contact her via email ( [at] ) for more information!

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