Friday, December 9, 2011

Wanna See?? (WIP)

Part of the reason my blog posts have been lacking is due to the fact that my WIPs (Work In Progress) are all orders for Christmas gifts. I don't actually know *who*, for sure, is reading my blog consistently (well, some I know, -- Hi Granma! Love you!), so I just avoid putting any pictures up of commissioned-for-Christmas orders. All these orders have kept me B-u-S-y! which is an awesome thing, but not for the ol' blog. 

So, I'm pleased to show you an excessive amount of pictures (15, so you don't have to count) of my current WIP. This is a baby blanket commissioned by my cousin for her baby-girl, due technically any day but expected at the end of this month. It's inspired from my Bed of Roses blanket, but I'm alternating Granny Squares in to add some more...


Is this yarn familiar? ;)

Found this old metal strainer at the Goodwill for $2. It's the perfect width and depth for fruit, so that's what were *were* using it for. But when I started this blanket last night I realized I needed it for my yarn. Now I have no place for my apples, avocado, banana and tangerines. But, it's all done in the name of Crochet. 

Using the Join-As-You-Go method, check out a great tutorial by Attic24

Can't wait to show off the FINISHED BLANKET!

Hope you all have a fantastic day!!


  1. HI there! I found your blog from your etsy site. I saw this post with these colors of yarn and these are the colors I would like to do in my baby's nursery and i was wondering if you would share where you got this yarn?? I would like to crochet a couple things for her room using these colors! I would so appreciate it!


  2. Hi, Amy! I got the yarn from -- links and more info here:

    The colors are: Blossom, Berry, Cherry, Terracotta, Stone, Maize, & Azalea. I guess I'll do a real yarn post for my next blog post, probably some time this week!

  3. Hi Jess! Lovely WIP, I love the colours!
    Plus, I've nominated you the Liebster blog award
    Congratulations :)
    Happy holidays!


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