Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stash Bustin' Blankie! (W.I.P.)

I promise I'm still working on that Bed of Roses blanket. As beautiful as "Rosie" is, it's not exactly great blogging material. But, for those curious, I am: 5 rows in with 3 to go and then a border! Yaaaay!

But this post isn't about the Bed of Roses. It's about:
My Stash Bustin' Blankie!

I started making my extra scraps into granny squares and have finally gotten to a point where it's all coming together. I can "see" where it's going (at last!) and am a tad excited to have a "matches nothing" blanket around. Everything else I made has a definitely place and *goes* somewhere. As a result if it gets dragged to a different room it just looks u-g-l-y. But not this blankie! This blankie will be ugly beautiful everywhere! (Okay, so it does have a little bit of ugliness in it. But who doesn't?)


Since the colors are chaotic (I prefer to think of it as "eclectic"), I plan to border them all with a neutral, probably a grey acrylic I have lying around, but maybe an ecru cotton. I can't decide. I really love cotton. But I also really really love not spending money. ;)

 This project is s...l...o...w going - I started back in.... August(?), so don't anticipate any stash blankie updates any time soon. I just organized the squares last night and felt compelled to photograph them this morning because, well, 
who doesn't love a stack of granny squares?! 


Have a lovely day!

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