Saturday, March 10, 2012

Give Me Color! (Inspiration)

Lately, I've been pooping out on my crochet projects.
I start in a frenzy of optimism.
Then I get bored.
Set them down.
And haven't had the drive to pick them back up.

I was pondering this lately, 
trying to figure out what the common theme was in each of these projects.


I think part of the drive to 
something is changing the colors.

Some of the projects I haven't finished are:
The Bed of Roses blanket (2 colors- gorgeous, oh my, yes, but pretty monotonous)
2 Purses - both a solid color. One is navy blue, the other a pretty peacock purple.

Gorgeous yarn all around, 
but alas,
no color changes.  

I've decided, therefore, it either needs to be

And I'd prefer both, since I'm on the subject. ;) 

A stack of squares- colorful and fast.

A flowery chandelier- colorful and fast.

This beauty needs some better pictures to show off it's bright side.
That'll be in the works, methinks. :)
A scrappy granny throw

Whew, glad I got all that out. 
No more boring, tedious, unending crochet projects for me.
Give me c o l o r with my Crochet 

Hope you have 
Lovely Day!

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  1. I quite agree, sister. Give me COLOR!!!!! I really don't have a favorite color anymore. I like them all just not brown (unless its chocolate or coffe in which case I would take dark and a mocha), tan, and white.


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