Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holly's Infinity Scarf

This is the infinity scarf I made for my friend, Holly.  I found some inspiration that I shared with her, then we had a little conversation about colors, then I went to Knit Picks and drooled a little lot (and qualified for free shipping, but who doesn't?), THEN the postman delivered a box full of yarn (one of my favorite things!). And I got to work. Zoomzoomzoom, it was a done scarf. I timed it- 6 hours (not including the weaving in of ends, another 1.5 hrs. Oye, ends!). The stripes and the color changes were completely addicting, and I want to make one for myself. Maybe next year. =D

Her color choices are very woodsy and earth-inspired. I have a little bit of each color left and I'm having frequent conversations with myself about what to make of it. Hmm...

The sky was murky on the day of picture taking. Certainly makes this scarf all drama. A dramatic woodland themed scarf.

Every couple of months (or maybe it's about twice a year... seems to be spring and autumn) we send each other a present package because of the joy of it. It's fun to make things for others just because - not because it's a holiday or a birthday or someone is paying you for it. Just for the joy of making and giving. There's the joy of receiving, too... anyway, I recommend YOU send someone a random care package of joy, just because.

I really fancy those Rudolph stickers. =D

Have a Lovely Day!

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