Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Dress

Here it is.
The Dress.
The Dress is a vintage pattern from the 1960s. See?

Crochet Dress Pattern PDF Vintage Goddess Dress 169 from WonkyZebra

 So cute! So simple! And, little did I know, so fast and easy to create! WonkyZebra has oodles of vintage patterns. I ordered this, the "Goddess Dress" and the PDF arrived in my gmail account by the time I next checked it. She included some helpful notes on yarn weight, UK to US conversion (slightly different stitch lingo), and vintage hooks and their contemporary sizes. This was my first dress, and my first vintage pattern and one of my first patterns from the UK, so you can imagine how immensely thankful I was for all the tips- without which this could have easily turned into a disaster of a project.

Armed with my pattern, my notes, a tape measure for accuracy, my hook and 3 skeins of cotton yarn (yes, less than $10 in yarn!) I got to work.

I could have finished it in 2 evenings (yes, it's that fast), but I noticed an error and had to frog out a few rows (rawr!!). But, the pattern is so easy, it wasn't a big deal. I pushed onward, and last night it was d-o-n-e.

 Everyone needs dirty mirror bathroom pictures of themselves on the internet. It's a rite of passage.

 You can see my sheath here. I was fretting over what to wear with it. Then I remembered I had a dress that came with one barely sewn into it. I snipped it out and -voila!- just a hem away from being ready to wear.

As you can see, the lighting was poor today. It's snowing/raining/grossing outside. My goal this week is to retake these pictures on a sunny day and update this blog post. Someone hold me to it!!

So, if you have...
~ medium size crochet hook (you'll have to work with a few to get accurate tension. I went with a 5mm, despite the pattern recommending a 4.5mm)
~ scissors
~ yarn needle
~ tape measure
~ 3-4 skeins of worsted weight yarn
~ an Etsy account
~ an email address
you can make The Dress, too!

...I'm still wearing mine. =P

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  1. This looks amazing-and you have made it SO QUICKLY!
    I love your modern take on it with the little belt- I am so glad you totally prove these designs are so easily updated to give a really current look!
    Oh- and thank you so much for the glowing comment on my little shop-I try to please -but it's so nice when it is appreciated :)
    Come and choose a freebie pattern anytime ( this crochet by proxy is so much fun LOL).


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