Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Petal Cluster Stitch (Inspiration)

I am loving the Petal Cluster stitch! Despite quite a few hiccups when I started my next sweater (still officially nameless), I stick with the Petal Cluster because it's a design I'm seeing everywhere...

From my bedsheets... my yarn bowl (okay, technically orchid planter, but I can't keep orchids alive)... porch table tops...

....even tiny little bits on throw pillows.

I gave the stitch a try with some dense cotton yarn, but it just didn't feel right. And I remembered no matter how much I love yellow, it does not love me.

So back to my jade green I turned. No in-progress pictures are available just yet, but hopefully I can get those done soon. 

So, does anyone know what this design is actually called? Oh, and I know I linked to the photo tutorial of the stitch available from Crochet Me, but if the pictures aren't enough, no worries: I intend to write up a tutorial, especially because I think I tweaked the row end/beginnings a bit from what the original offered.
Have a Lovely Day!


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