Friday, October 4, 2013

Jade Pullover (Finished!)

Despite crocheting many days away in September, I didn't manage to update my sweet little bloggy corner of the interwebs. The main reason for my neglect was camera issues. The lighting was either terrible, or my battery was dead, or my pictures just weren't what they should be. So I'd wait or forget or put it off until suddenly over a month had passed and not a peep came from this blog.

So today I sit here and have decided: enough! Here's my Jade Pullover, all FINISHED! and cozy and looking quite green. I still need to block it so the sleeves will lay a bit softer, but for now, you get the idea...
 I was about to clean the dirty mirror but I looked up to discover a wasp in this room. Eeeps! So I did what I do and I ran out and shut the door and then told my husband about it when he came home.

 Awkward stance.

I've never been much for taking 'selfies', so these finished sweater shots are a challenge to get right, I guess everyone gets the gist of the sweater, despite my photographic abilities. :)

Now I need to write up the stitch pattern tutorial. I really-really love this stitch, it was fun and fast and repetitive and geometrical and a wee bit floral without being overly complicated. I think it'd make a great tote-bag of sorts, especially with a calico material lining peeking through the diamond-y holes. Mhm!

You know what else I've crocheted in the month and a half it's taken me to get this post together? A poncho, a house (yes, a house), more squares on my queen sized blanket, a lot of hats for care-bags, added rounds to my son's star blanket, Lego finger puppets, and a whole lotta motifs for a sweater I'm working on (at this point it's becoming a compulsion). Now let's see if I can get my camera to cooperate!

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