Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm Not Knitting

I really fell hard for this "Conceptual Knitting" trend. It's been on the back of my mind for ages. I pictured granny square blankets where each square represents a day and each color represents a bird in my bird feeder, scarves where each row color is picked by students in my yoga classes, or a great big (mostly green) blanket where every time something ripened in my garden I'd incorporate a special stitch in the appropriate color (red tomato"bean stitches", orange carrot "spike stitches", pink strawberries "bobble stitches"). Despite these musings, I still kept coming back to the original design: tracking the variations of the sky.

Yes, I settled on the Sky Scarf by Leaf Cutter Designs. It goes like this: every day you look up at the sky and create a row that reflects what you see (light grey if cloudy, dark grey on stormy days, bright blue when the sun shines and the wind blows, blue and white blended when partly cloudy and so on). At the end of the season (or year), you end up with a gorgeous representation of the sky over your home.

The "trouble" is, I don't knit. And it happened that all the scarves I was falling for were knit scarves. The crochet representations looked much too tidy for some reason.

Now I'm not about to take up knitting.

So after a bit of internet research and some youtube tutorials, I present:

The Tunisian Knit Stitch!
(click the link for a fantastic youtube tutorial!)
(if you need more convincing: she has a British accent that is so lovely to listen to)

Crocheters everywhere who love the knitted look but can't seem to figure out how clicking two sticks together could create a fabric: REJOICE!!!

Friends, this is exciting. I'm crocheting a Sky Scarf that will look like it's knit. I was going to start in September so the scarf would track my favorite time of year: Summer's end and Autumn's beginning. But. Well, I mean it's only a week and a half until September starts.... so really we're nearly there and it's absolutely fine that I begin now. Who made this arbitrary "Start in September" rule, anyway? Me. So I can break it.

More details and pictures to come. Check back!

Have a Lovely Day!


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