Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Book Review (Inspiration)

Anyone with small children understands the love/hate relationship that exists towards your local library.
On the one hand: Look at all those FREE BOOKS! Hours of reading new material, books you and your little ones haven't memorized, books with different pictures, and that, if you can't stand them, can easily be slipped back into the Book Deposit slot. Whoops, there goes the horrible one. Let's re-new Chicken Soup With Rice and forget all about "Beep, Beep, Let's Go!", with it's dis-jointed sentence fragments.

On the other hand: Taking small children into a room full of people who are silently reading to themselves amidst hundreds of bookshelves filled with thousands of books and expecting appropriate library behavior is laughable. In our home my children are book monsters. They love to read and they also love to fling the books off the bookshelves (occasionally scaling the side of one. That is, after all, what empty bookshelves are for), rip out pages, throw the books when they're finished, step on them, color in them, decorate the beautiful pages with stickers and even smear their peanut buttery fingers on the cover page. This activity is a noisy sort, and usually involves shrieks, laughter, giggles, and ultimately reprimands. Obviously not even a smidgeon of this behavior is library acceptable.

But last Saturday I had a game plan. My charming husband was working his occasional weekend shift and I was desperate for a book or two. Or three. Actually, four. And so, despite all the reasons not to: I took the boys to the library.

I consider it a success: No one got lost (though there was a dramatic episode involving a toddler running out the door and a mother racing to catch him and the older son having to be left behind.... oh wait, yes, that was us). No one shushed us (though I shushed them), and we had no over-due fees (because I'd paid them last time). And, on top of all this: we got books!

And look at what I managed to snag before the boisterous games of hide-and-seek amongst the nonfiction section started getting too rowdy and drove us to the children's section...

Time for some Crochet Fashion Eye Candy!

Love the scalloped edging on this. It'd be so perfect on the beach!

Perfect top! I returned the books, but I'm going back for this pattern!

Crocheted hammock!? Yes, please.

Looks so cozy- can't wait 'til Autumn.

I'm honestly not sure about this one. I want to like it...

Love this hat!

Dramatic and I Love. It.

Mmm, so much lovely inspiration! There's something incredibly perfect about sitting down with a book of crochet patterns. The internet, often, comes at you too fast. But, lounging indoors on a hazy summer day, lazily flipping the pages of a book. Well. That's worth the chaotic trip to the library.


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