Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pick a Winner! (Work in Progress)

The Sunburst Granny Blanket is nearly d-o-n-e!

I don't have pictures just yet, but they're coming. Promise.
In the mean time, it's time for some visual inspiration for the final touch: the border. And where else does one turn for visual inspiration, in this year two thousand and twelve, than the wonderful world of Pinterest? I should note that a winner has already been picked by the Sunburst Granny's recipient - the lovely Stephanie. Still, it doesn't hurt to show the crochet enthusiasts some crochet eye candy with their original sources. It's for the good of the people, really. 

Image courtesy: Muita Ihania

First up we have some lovely, basic scallopy borders. Fuss free, yet fantastically finished. (I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Muita Ihania to see the full blanket. What a wonderful way to arrange basic granny squares! It's on my to-do list.... one day!)

Image courtesy of: Ellen Bloom

This beauty is very pineapple-y fabulous. It's got more pizzazz and visual interest than the scallops, for sure, but may not be what the Sunburst Granny needs. Sunburst is awfully pizzazzy all on her own.

Image courtesy of Attic24

And of course, where would we be without Lucy? I'm sure a great many people have learned their methods from Lucy's tutorials. And here's one, for the Granny Blanket Edging. It's very similar to the scallops (first picture), but there's an extra round of chains in between to give it a ruffled, lacier look. Mhm, lovely indeed!!

Of course, these are just the first 3 that caught my eye. The possibilities are endless (or at least include 150 more options).

If you know of some nice 'n simple borders (perhaps that you've used for your own blankets?) leave me a link in the comment section! I'm all about hoarding inspiration, specifically on my pinterest page: Crochet ♥ 

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