Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meal-a-Day Fund of the Americas (Charity)


In the beginning of this long and crazy (and oft tedious) summer, I wrote a little post entitled: Give Love. At the time I needed to work out how to incorporate charity, giving, and love into my crochet work. I stay at home with my two beautiful sons (a young-2 and an old-3) and while I believe this work is deeply important and is shaping a future generation, there is a drive and desire in me to help others outside my core family now.

I struggled with how to give through crocheting. My charming husband suggested I crochet hats and scarves for the homeless or hats for preemies. A noble idea, and one that I do love, but I know myself and that's not something I can see doing long term. Perhaps that would be a great way to introduce crocheting to others, but I get too bored making the same thing. Plus, this may be due to an unhealthy emotional attachment to the things I make, but I want whoever receives something from my hands to be a thing that person *loves*.

And so, enter Meal-a-Day.

Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund of the Americas was an easy charity choice for me. I know the chairman, secretary, treasurer and director. Several of my good friends have gone on missions trips with Meal-a-Day. I wanted to help with the work somehow, even in a small way, to make me feel like my days were dedicated to my husband, my kids and others.  Plus, in their "Ideas for Giving" section of the website, #1 is: "Use your talent to make a handicraft or paint a picture or ??, sell it and donate the money". 

On a whim, I dedicated a week or two to crocheting items to sell. Most were smallish: $20-$30 items. Garlands, bunting, pins, earrings. Little things, easily transported from hither to yon. There were a few decorative pillow covers in the mix. I decided that my time and materials were free. I priced the items and sent them to a bible school (after a brief attempt at Etsy, but there's way too much competition on Etsy for this sort of thing) to be sold as a donation for Meal a Day. And ooo-de-lolli! About half of the items I made sold for a donation somewhere in the realm of $500. Not a ton of money, but more than I could have just given otherwise. Those buying the crochet support a good cause and get a beautiful item to tell the story ("Oh, where'd you get your earrings?"). Meal-a-Day gets money to go towards projects. The people on the receiving end of Meal-a-Day's efforts get education, food, shelter, hygiene, essentials. I get joy knowing that I'm helping a bigger picture. It's win-win-win-win.

The summer bible school is over, so now I'm focusing on a winter gathering. Winter and crochet = very ideal!

I narrowed it down to scarves (ruffle!), hats (lacy slouch!) and more earrings & pins.

I went to KnitPicks. They are absolutely my favoritesterest place to buy yarn! I got over excited at the "Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!" option and took advantage. This is, after all, for Charity. ;)
I ordered.
I waited.
And then: New Yarn!

Oh, and a book. Whaaat, I needed free shipping-- and those flowers will make gorgeous pins and embellishments to hats! It was 40% off. I'm not gonna explain myself anymore- quit judging me. =P

I'm so-so delighted I looked for an opportunity to help. The plan is to do this as long as I can (or as long as it works, I guess) and hope others (like you, you crafty crocheter!) will consider giving some of your love to Meal-a-Day!

Have a Lovely Day!



  1. I own those red earrings. And the fish pin! (And something else, but it's for a gift...)
    And a small yellow bunting...it's on my birdcage. I should send you a picture!

    I loved everything you sent up. :)

    1. Awesome! I wondered who got what. :) Yes, definitely send a picture!!

  2. Thanks for the pillow! It's splendid!

    Your, sister


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