Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Muggy days, visiting relatives, play dates galore, tomato harvesting, fields of sunflowers round every corner: summer has hit hard in these parts.
I'm exhausted. In a good way. I think.
I haven't forgotten my little blog. I just haven't had many consecutive moments to dedicate to the updating part of it. It will happen. It will. Maybe in September. :)

Little Boy Blue's FINISHED blanket!
Some upcoming posts include...
~ detailed information on the Meal-a-Day Charity, what I'm doing to be involved and what YOU can do to be involved too!
~ excessive happy dancing and a post all about the yarn (YARN!) that is en route to my house as I type this. It's from KnitPicks. Swoon!
~ plentiful pictures of my works-in-progress. Maybe a finished post too (those are always nice!)
~ and whatever else is on my mind.

Have a Lovely Day!


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