Thursday, January 24, 2013

Avocado Doily (Finished!)

 I've been hoarding my Avocado Yarn for, uh, awhile now. Finally, in an effort to do something (we've been sickies over here for most of January), I pulled out my hooks, my avocado-yarn and a pretty pattern I've had stuck up on my wall in my studio.

Boom. Beautiful doily, complete.

But I had yarn left, and these colors are too perfect with my couch , so I went all out and made 3. I have a thing for motifs.

Now that you're all smitten with doily fever, here's where I have to, sadly, inform you that I have no idea where this pattern is from. I printed it years ago... I do remember that it was free... and it's in Japanese. SO.

Here's your close up of the visual pattern. It's incredibly easy to follow, and if you're not familiar with visual patterns, this is a good one to start with. To start off, check out this link... The Craft Yarn Council's Crochet Chart Symbols . They even offer a PDF, so you can download and print and keep it handy as a quick reference. Oh, internet, you are so wonderful.

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