Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Wee Bit Ugly (Inspiration)

I dedicate this blog post to my mom (Hi, Mom!), who wanted to see pictures of my new old couch.

I recently bought a couch. An ugly couch. That's okay- that's the point. It's ugly. And it's mine. It all started when my charming husband and I happened across this beautiful ugly chair in an antique shop about....6 years ago.

We christened it, "The Ugly Chair" and toted it with us from duplex, to rented house, to apartment complex to, finally, our home.

Then a few months ago, we came across another beauty ugly...

This one is soooooo cozy! So so SO cozy. I can't even.... it swivels, and it rocks. It's perfectly proportioned for shorties like me (5'2"). It's amazing. Whoops, I'm gushing. More here.

Our mantel. Joy. :)
I don't know why this picture is involved...
Where was I again?
OH, but here it is.... the gorgeous new old ugly sofa!!

We found it on Craig's list where it was listed for sale at a new-to-us thrift store, which also happened to be the cleanest thrift store I've ever walked into. Immaculate.

And since this is a "Saturday at Home" post, I started wandering around with the camera in hand, snapping pictures of things that caught my fancy. African Violet, anyone?

My "octagon" bathmat.... it ended up more circular than I was going for. 

A close up, complete with foot crumbs (it is a bathmat, after all). 

Window plants silhouettes.... the leeks are going for it, but the sweet potatoes.... not so much. The basil is in the empty pot (bottom left) and I just saw the tiniest little sprout poking through today. Welcome to the world, little Basil!

As promised, my "genie slippers". They're actually the Granny Square Slippers via the purl bee and they're comfy and snug and a wee bit ugly (I'm okay with that, remember?).

Oh, and have a look at this.... a newly started flower pot. There's actually a bit of Big News revolving around this one. But you're just going to have to stay tuned, because I'm no where near ready to get into the details.

Hope you all had a beautiful/ugly day!

Have a Lovely Day!

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