Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Solar System Baby Blanket (finished!)

 It's done! Well, mostly. I was going to add in a constellation, but right now I'm recovering from, you know, creating a solar system. Fatiguing work, that.

 The sun.

 Mercury, Venus, Earth (moon!), Mars, Saturn...

 Mars, Saturn, Jupiter...

 Uranus, Neptune, PLUTO (because Pluto is a planet too! Take that, NASA scientists!)!

Lest you think this is impressive, I'll point out that it took me over 2 weeks to create this blanket, while God made the whole universe in 6 days. Just sayin'. ;)

Can't wait to *hand* deliver this blanket to the boy himself! 1 week to go!!

Have a Lovely Day!



  1. I have just recently come across your blog and ... WOW!!! This blanket is very cute and so clever :) I love looking at your creations, thanks for sharing xx

  2. This is my favorite blanket I've ever seen, probably...

    Poor Pluto, he just needs to muster up some more gravitational pull.

  3. Lovely job, sis!!!! And I know what you mean about Pluto, it is kinda crazy the way some people get so offended when you say Pluto's a planet.

  4. This is so so beautiful! How inspiring!


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