Thursday, March 28, 2013

Granny Square Variation

This idea has been in my head for awhile now. I've seen quite the variety of Granny Square blankets. It's amazing how one basic design can look so different based on something so simple as color change. I decided to do a little Granny Square Variation study to explore the most common styles of Grannies.
Basic Granny Square, 7 Ways

Square #1 -  Solid Granny. No color changes; the purest granny of all.

 Square #2: A different color every round, this granny is perhaps the most chaotic, but also ideal for stash-busting projects.

 Square #3: By using one color for the very center round, and a solid color surrounding it, this granny ends up with a tiny cross in the center. This style is simple and beautiful, especially when used in large groupings.

 Square #4: In this granny square, ever other round is the main color. When colors are separated by 1 round (or odd rounds) a wonderful striping occurs as the square gets larger. I think I'd enjoy a large, continuous granny square blanket with this pattern repeat. ;)

 Square #5: Alternating colors for each round results in a busy, yet cohesive look.

 Square #6: I've always thought grannies done in this style were like a faux-flower. It definitely saves the time of making a flower-square!

 Square #7: Um, hello gorgeous. Few design elements are as stunning as a color gradient, in my opinion.  A blanket full of these guys would be incredible and drool worthy.

I'm sure there are more square variation. I know of one I haven't included: a ric-a-rac style granny, where 1 color is repeated for 2 rounds, creating a zig-zag effect. I opted out of including that style, because I didn't think it would show very well- I tried to keep each square to 5 rounds.

I generally blog about things I'm already making, as opposed to making things specifically to blog them. This is a pretty rare instance where I made these guys with no other reason but to post them here on the inter-webs. This leads me to my next question: what to do with 7 seemingly random granny squares??

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  1. Nice grannies, Jess! Thanks for your nice comment on my Solomon's Knot video tutorial! Glad it helped you.

    I am thinking of doing a mitered granny afghan soon, using this design: Thought you would enjoy seeing it. I found it from Pinterest!



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