Friday, November 18, 2011

Been Busy (WIP)

I've been busy! Here are some visuals to prove it!
A Flora Infinity Scarf in "Green Sheen" for a friend.

My oldest's Christmas gift. Green Hat = Doesn't Get Much Better

Christmas gift for a nephew

Christmas gift for a cousin.

Christmas gift for a niece.

I'm not even halfway down with the Christmas gifts. Oye, what have I gotten myself into?? I think I asked myself that last year as well...

So many scraps!! 

Waste not...

...want not.

The plan is to border them up in Ecru and have a nice throw blanket that matches everything...

...and nothing simultaneously.

Which is exactly what my eclectic side craves.

BLAH I hate you messy scraps! Be organized into granny squares!

I do love that blue... and the yellow. 

A lovely pile of granny squares. Another Crochet Cliche.

New yarn for a commissioned order! 

I stuffed them in the Market Tote bag and realized it's makes a much better stash bag. 

The times I've brought it to the grocery store the employees get scared and only put 1 or 2 items in it. 

What my desk looks like right now. Not a disaster, but not all that put together either. It works, and that's enough for me.

What's on the hook? A purple something. :) I love me some pyrex too- check out my yarn bowl!

I have plans for some lovely earrings from this green. It's much greenier in Real Life. And less blurry.

Love the warms in autumn. :)
Current yarn stash.

Hope you've enjoyed your sneak peek into my current crochet projects! What's on your hook right now?

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