Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting... (Pinterest)

So I got sucked into Pinterest like everyone else in the world. So far it's not much different from what I've always been doing- finding an inspiring picture and saving it in a folder. The folder has simply moved from my desktop to my Pinterest Board where I can see everything at once, add captions, share with friends and find a ton more things quickly.

Especially, crochet things. ;)

Of course you knew that was coming, this is a Celebration-of-Crochet blog. Duh. So, here goes:

My Pinterest Crochet Finds!
Image courtesy of Gra├ža Paz
 (This blanket is knit between the flower puffs. Easy to replicate with a nice HDC-knit-look stitch though, don't you think? ;) I do.)

Image courtesy of Flickr - no name given
 Pineapple scarf! I still haven't made any, this seems like a nice way to begin.

Image courtesy of peaceofshell
Impractical. But, um, so?

Image courtesy of yarnbites
I've made a ruffle scarf very similar to this one, but with a less poofy yarn (that's a technical term, I'm sure). I really like the look of the poofy yarn. Time for an upgrade...? 

Can't wait to keep on Pinterest-ing! The inspiration on there is overwhelming. This is gonna be great. 

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