Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple is Best (Fantastic Finds)

Right now I'm making a cowl. I'll tell you exactly how to make it, no pattern lingo, nothing. It's simple.

Chain as many chains as will reach around your neck. More for a long cowl (keep going and going for an infinity scarf!) less for a snug fit.  Half-double-crochet in each across. Then, double-crochet in each across until the cowl is to a depth of your liking. Half-double-crochet in each across. Either slip-stitch the sides together, or find another way of fastening the two. Maybe add a twist before you join the sides. Maybe fold the cowl in half and add a button. The little finishing touches add visual interest, but don't change the simplicity. 

While we're on the subject, check out how beautiful simple is...

Image courtesy of Akkord

Image courtesy of dualchocolate

Image courtesy of KnitAndWedding

Image courtesy of KraeO

Image courtesy of LoveandKnit

Image courtesy of LoveKnitAndCrochet

Image courtesy of thehouseofhemp
Gorgeous, classic and perfect in their simplicity, these finds are fantastic.


  1. Beautiful finds!!
    Thank you very much for including me:)

  2. Thanks for featuring my chain scarf Jess. This is such a great collection. i love you blog!

  3. I love knit complements!! The ring is amazing!! So pretty!!

  4. Love all this complements! Great choices!!
    The crochet ring looks so cool! :-)

  5. What a beautiful crochet selection!!!
    Everything is so stylish and cool...a perfect combo for a warm winter:))


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