Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunburst Granny Progress (WIP)

I'm pretty sure repeatedly using cell-phone images and apologizing profusely gives me a failing grade in Blogging 101, but I cannot help myself. I never seem to have my camera on me and I'm so in love with this blanket that I must document every single square. Obsessively. And then share it with the World Wide Web so you too can fall madly in love with this blankie. 

I'm halfway through my second row. Each row has 7 squares and is 38" wide. This will allow for me to make a border and go just a smidge over my 40" width plan. I think I'll be making it about 10 or 11 squares deep (long?) to reach my 60" goal. Somewhere along the way it'll be appropriate to dig through my fresh copy of Around the Corner Crochet Borders and figure out what loveliness will be edging this blanket. I'm pretty sure I want to keep it white (technically ecru), but I'm also committed to open-minded-ness about this. Oxymoron? Hm, perhaps.

Anyway, the colors are more vibrant in real life, and the images could be a great deal sharper. But it's gorgeous all the same and I'm sure you loved this post or you wouldn't still be reading. :)

More updates to come! Stay tuned!!

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  1. love this versatile pattern sooo much! Will be my next afghan! Thanks for sharing :)


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