Thursday, April 26, 2012

Window Panes & Wool (Finished!)

Just the other day I bought some new yarn. Last night I used it all up in one sitting. Good times, indeed.
This wool was as wooly as you can imagine. It was 2 ply, quite coarse- but not itchy, and smelled a touch like sheep and hay. Genuine, for sure. I even picked out a couple specks of grass. I immediately dispensed with any notion of turning this skein into a garment.

Being a lovely, undyed ecru-white I decided to create something from it that would show off its simplicity. Make that 2 somethings.

A 9 flower garland.

5 triangle Granny Bunting

 It's such a murky day out today. Why do I always want to photograph finished items when the sun is hid beneath waterlogged clouds?

I noticed, while focusing my camera on this granny triangle, that the void areas create a flower petal of sorts. A charming detail. :)

The destiny of the Triangle Granny Bunting is unknown (I'm smitten, I may keep it), but the Flower Garland I plan to list in my Etsy shop. I want to dig through my buttons first to see if I have a little bronze bee leftover from another flower garland. It needs a little something extra. But only 1 something, this time.

Have a LoVeLy day! :)

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