Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A One, A Two, A One-Two-Three-Four! (WIP)

It's growing!!
*4 Rows Deep*

It's finally starting to look less scarf-like and more "hey, that's almost half a blanket!"-like, which is such a great moment. Much easier to photograph, too.

There are a couple new color additions in the form of this sage & lavender duo. They're a bit too sweet, but it offers a nice break from the punchy colors.

I'm making sure all the middle rows are especially beautiful. That's one of my blanket rules. My other blanket rule is that no exterior color may "touch" another exterior color (kind of like when you were coloring maps in geography... uh, did anyone else do that? I was home-schooled.... do public schools even teach geography?)

 SEE why I made the middle especially beautiful? So when you fold it it's ESPECIALLY beautiful.

 4 rows down! Yahoo! I have ends to weave in, but yuck. So I took pictures and wrote this blog post instead.

The above are some future squares. The two pastel ones are a bit to Easter-egg-y for my taste, so they'll be spaced waaay apart to not draw attention to that element. So, yeah, good thing I just pointed your attention to that element.

I'm too far to think about a border, but here's what I'm considering:
very lovely border!
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Found via: pinterest
It's visually appealing without stealing the starbursty goodness. I like it. And so does my cousin, who gets the final say in this, since it's her blanket. That's a tidbit of importance I can't overlook.

Hope you have a
LoVeLy DaY!

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