Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pin It (New!)

Being a tad particular about my crochet, specifically crochet that I plan to sell, I ordered the above pins online.

I waited... and waited... and checked my front step for a box and waited some more.
(Dear Joann's, you have the slowest shipping ever.
 $5.95 for 7-10 business days on an item that could 
fit in an envelope and arrive via USPS in 2?
 But, I will resist complaining.) 
Finally, I looked out and saw it- the huge cardboard box. Within this huge box was plastic air filled packaging. Under that, 2 tiny, 50 piece baggies full of gold and silver pins. "2.25" Coil-less Safety Pins".

These coil-less pins are not found in stores -trust me on that. I had to order them online. And I did, because in the years I've been crocheting, every time I make a pin the same horrid thing happens: the yarn gets pinched in the coil. Pulled, frayed, stuck, it's in the Top 10 Crochet Pet Peeves list easily. Standard safety pins are not only un-removable, but will also damage, destroy, maim, harm, rip, tear, fray your beautiful crochet. No good.

But with *these* pins, well, they're remarkably gentle on the crochet and are easily removed (if you want to wear the pin in your hair, say, and need a bobby pin in place of a safety pin). 

Sold on the pins? Me too. And now, I present the latest addition to my Etsy shop:


Have a lovely day!!

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