Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's Going On (WIP)

I bought some more of that very local, very authentic, wow-this-feels-like-a-sheep wool today.

"Ooh, what are you going to make out of the yarn??" the friendly saleswoman asked.
"Mm, I think some flower garlands," I replied.

I want to make another one *exactly* like this one I've made before. But I don't have anymore of these bronze Bumblebee buttons. They're not available online. They're unfindable in my local JoAnn's (where I originally happened across them). This is distressing, indeed.

Changing the subject to something a touch more punchy and fun:
I made an Olivia Octopus last night for an upcoming baby shower that I actually won't be attending. Little Liv needs a hat, or a flower in her "hair" (...?) to be considered complete.

Maybe an embroidered mouth wouldn't hurt either. She needs to look a bit sweeter and less disturbed before she's declared Baby Ready.

Mmmhm, so that's what's going on. Thanks for stopping in!

Have a lovely day!

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