Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 of 4 Lace Slouch Hat (Finished!)

These lace slouch hats certainly take it out of me. The first one took a couple of weeks to complete, but this lovely lady (it's a girl) took me, what, nearly two months? Easily 6 weeks of work.

Honestly though, they're worth it because they're *gorgeous*. The pattern is a must-have for anyone who gives handmade gifts or likes to have pretty, luxurious things themselves.

Before you scroll down, let me fill you in.
I'm crocheting items for charity.
The lace slouch hat is one of them.
This is the original post on the lace slouch hats (swoon!).
This is the first - 1 of 4 - completed hats.

You now have my blessing to scroll and meet 2 of 4 in Emerald Green.

So pretty. :) I'm definitely planning to hoard the yellow one for myself. So, technically, only 3 will be available for Charity-Fundraiser purchase. BUT if I wear it out and about and people *ask* me about my hat, it gives me a nice opening to talk up Meal-a-Day. Plus, it's sunshiney yellow, and I need all the sunshine I can get this time of year.

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