Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Flower Pot Series No. 02: Portulaca

I'd never heard of portulaca until I moved to Illinois. I got out of my car and noticed low growing ground cover popping up where my tulips had recently wilted. A few weeks later, small blossoms appeared in a variety of colors (pink, yellow, orange, white! woohoo!!). Investigation was required. I stooped down and snooped through the tangle of winding stems to discover that, contrary to what I thought, this was one plant - not a multitude.

Since that time, portulaca has become a favorite. My window boxes are crammed full of them. The pot hanging outside my house is stuffed as well. And even the terracotta pots, left over from the herb garden, are filled with portulaca.

If you're a fan (or maybe I just convinced you?), check out...


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