Sunday, October 28, 2012

I need a Mascot (Fantastic Finds)

I know you must be thinking: "You don't need a mascot! You have one- Ringo is totally your mascot!"

Well... I don't think Mr. Starkey is all that interested.

Yeah, nope.

Ringo seems more interested in being mascot of the backyard. I occasionally carry my crochet out to the picnic table, and am met with Ringo, face to face. I think he disapproves of my less than adventurous spirit.

So since Ringo is the wrong animal for the job, I've taken to pondering Amigurumi sheep. Every now and then I go searching for the perfect pattern. Usually I find cuteness abounding. But I want something more than cuteness in my mascot. I want personality.

And so I discovered Bob and Daisy.
Bob and Daisy, The Sheep - Amigurumi Pattern
Bob and Daisy The Sheep via irenestrange

Are they not the most perfecterestest Amigurumi sheep you've ever seen? I'm completely smitten by their charming little selves.

I'm buying the pattern as soon as I click the orange "Publish" button on this post. Maybe in my reckless excitement I'll forego proof reading. 

Oops, I kinda just bought it without even finishing this post.

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