Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bazaar Prep (WIP)

Gulp. 2 weeks to go until my first ever "craft sale". It's actually just a Bazaar fundraiser in a local elementary school. A great place to begin: no real pressure, half a day, and a friend to team up with.

There's a lot of little things that goes into a sale like this. Things I never would have thought of prior to this project . I needed a sign (above, and it's coming out awesomely), I still need to order business cards, find a cash box, finish inventory, organize my display, and a ton more!

I keep trying to remind myself "Less is More" and I feel like nothing says that more than these "Thank You" bags. I was going to stamp them with a motif design to bring in the crochet element, but after doing one and having a look.... nope. Less is more.

In this shadowbox display will go some fun crochet (of course)! I'm thinking a bunting or garland across the top. It's a party!

And then there's this. Creativity is messy. I don't want to talk about it.

Here, quickly scroll through, past the disaster that is my craft zone and look at some inventory...

First: Earrings!
Motif Earrings- PDF pattern available!

Motif Earrings - PDF pattern available!
Second: Snowflake Garlands!

Also: Snowflake Ornaments

And Of Course: Hats!

And toddler...

Tons more to make!

And don't forget: Olivia (and Oliver) Octopus!

More colors coming!

Featuring: Embroidery Hoop Home Decor

And Still in Progress: Hair Clips!

So that's what's in the works over here. In summary: a lot.

Have a Lovely Day!

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