Monday, November 5, 2012


And now, for your enjoyment: 
a tidbit of domestic goodness!

A colander-turned-light-fixture for our hallway, found at a thrift store for a whopping $1. The charming one is installing it now.

Surprise! My charming husband brought me home some mums (and we all know how much I love mums!). They remind me of fireworks- so gorgeous!

So, in our house we have "the ugly chair", "the purple chair" (which you're familiar with) and now: "the cozy chair". Another thrift store find ($35!). It rocks slightly and swivels all around too, making it an absolute delight to curl up and crochet in. I did pause for a moment at the ruffled skirt, but then I decided that the chair was just trying to be a bit fancy and forgave it's lack of fashion sense. I escorted the purple chair up the stairs into my craft room so I can, once again, snuggle up in it while I intensely crochet. This cozy chair is just for leisurely, social crochet. You know the difference, I'm sure.

Mm, yum, pattern and color love!

Leisurely crochet in the form of a soft grey bathmat for our bathroom. One day it'll be made over and beautiful like I dream, with soft greys and white paneling and subway tile and pedestal sinks. But not anytime soon. So, I dream and crochet the bathmat for the future bathroom that kinda-sorta matches our current room of horror (mauvey pink tile from 1953).

Eventually this pattern will work out to reveal an octagon shape. You can already see it forming a bit, thanks to the consistent placement of the increases.

Thrift stores always have a ton of cookie tins, and this funky beauty (another $1 purchase) was destined for my kitchen!

Yep. :)

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