Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here's My Card

Other titles considered for this post:
"It's Business Time"
"Moo Delivered"

 The tiny little One Dollar easels at the craft store were my pick for business card display for my booth.  Add a bit of yarn bombing (and the cards) and they're ready for the big day!

So here's my business card review of
~If you're looking for high quality and gorgeous- go with them.
~If you want your logo to upload... uh, maybe try it out and see if it works. Mine just wouldn't work for their template. Bummer. Maybe for the next batch?
~If you want something inexpensive, shop around. I ordered a pack of 100 for $50, but that doesn't include the $7 shipping. It's not cheap, but they're not cheap either. I don't feel dissatisfied with the price for the product that I got from it.

Saturday's the day!! Also, Thanksgiving is next week. How did it creep up on me like this? Ridiculous. I'm supposedly hosting people too. This could be a disaster. :)

Have a Lovely Day!

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