Thursday, March 7, 2013

Knit Picks is the BEST

Whenever someone asks me
'who has the best yarn?'
I always-always answer:

Beautiful colors,
beautiful textures,
beautiful results.

 Fingering weight merino/cashmere blend. Another hat for myself.
"Another hat?" my charming husband echoed.
"Yes, another. It's not like you can have too many," I replied. I thought that much was obvious.

 Some colors I was wanting to see in person. They may or may not become a gift for a very special person. Not a word more from me on that subject!!

 Okay, so their "Golden Heather" was a Goodbye item. Call me crazy, but I have a general yarn policy that if you find a good yellow you buy it up. Because, for some reason, yarny yellows are lacking in general. Too buttery, too orangey, too acidic. Just one big sweeping "miss".

 Mhm, yellow! I have a cardigan pattern that may be perfect for this....

This is "Planetarium" - it's the base of a baby boy blanket I'll be working over the next couple of weeks in anticipation of a new arrival (my cousins, not my own). I love baby blankets, so full of joy and hope and excitement. And then you wrap newbie up and they spit up and drool and their diaper explodes all over the precious handmade blanket, and you sigh with relief that it's washable.

Hope you enjoyed your look at my new yarn!


  1. How true! It is extremely hard to find yellow yarn that's not too bright or too orangey.
    I haven't tried Knit Picks yet, but I really should. I think it's time to upgrade the items in my shop from cheap acrylic to quality. :)

    1. I will mention though, their skeins are smaller than acrylic. So at first glance it seems like it's the same price, but they actually give you a third of what you'd probably be used to. Still worth the extra cost, in my opinion, but I am more careful about my purchases, since it is more expensive. Well, except for the yellow. That was completely unnecessary. Haha!

    2. Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll just pick out some yarn for myself and go from there:)


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