Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Storage 101

If you frequent the internet (blogs, in particular), you'll notice that quite a lot of things are perfect. Perfect hair styles, perfect houses, perfect organization, perfect project rooms.
Since I have a blog, but I'm not a "blogger" (I do not update regularly, nor do I have sponsors), I thought I'd share a bit of the real life with you all.
Project Storage 101
Step 1: Buy excessive amounts of yarn.
Step 2: Stick it in a bag. Out of bags? A box will do nicely...

That's it! Project Storage in the real world for all B-Types and Right-Brainers.
My mantra is "good enough!"


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  1. Yes, I'm with you ... My stash of yarn is in a few bags and a big rubber bucket - where else? Loving your blog and the dress is stunning.


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