Friday, October 21, 2011

Miniature Artisan Hats by Purple Chair Crochet

Check this out!

A "lot" of 4 artisan crochet hats made by Purple Chair Crochet (that's me!). I'm not the seller, but it's cool to see your own work being showcased by someone else (Hey, isn't that what I do on my blog? What goes around comes around...).

Every now and then I'm asked for custom items. Generally I shy away from committing to something I wouldn't ordinarily make, but the past month or so I've been accepting. We'll see where it goes! If you're interested in the above hats (aren't they cuuuuuute?!) you still have 4 days left to bid! They'd make great Christmas ornaments, no? 

(Ew, did I just say "Christmas" before Halloween is even over?! I'm ashamed.)

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