Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Suddenly He's 3....

I just had a baby! Oh, um, 3 years ago (I've even had one since). How do they grow so quickly? Why do the grow so quickly?

So I made him a treasury with all of the *him* things... the brown sling I carried him in, the non-rainboots in his toddler year (now worn by little bro), the yellow kittens he loves, the tire swing you can't get him out of, the king crown he insists on wearing, the apple picking we do for his birthdays, the plastic cups he played with as a baby, A BUS-- he loved buses for a few months, his pooh-bear, his brown and white cozy blanket, the pumpkin onesie I always put him in as a baby, the crochet hat he wore his first winter, a reminder of his first room, and his little black converse (now also worn by little bro). It's A Boy. He's my boy. =)

Here he is, proud to be The King "(Long Live the King!" is a familiar chant in this house)

And here is his new blanket! When he unwrapped it Daddy asked him "Oooh, what is that" and he wisely replied, "Yarn." But when we unfolded it and held it up his face shone, he smiled wide and, jumping up and down with flailing arms exclaimed, "IT'S A STAR!!"

So, you could say he likes it. ;)

Cozied on the couch watching Kipper.

Notes about the blanket: He picked the colors himself ("My green" was what he wanted). He chose Red Heart's Eco-Ways acrylic (made from recycled plastic, my green loving boy is so green) and the colors were Asparagus, Lichen and..... the white was.... uhm. Uhm. Uuuuuuhm. (looks it up on the internet) Oyster!! Oh, let me add their link now I have it pulled up... done.

The *pattern* is gorgeous, isn't it? It's from The Hook Hound on that fabulous website known as Etsy. Here's the pattern link itself (well, where you can purchase it. Copyright's important): Granny Star. My thoughts on the pattern were this: It was fun! It was easy! It wasn't boring! And it ended up BeAuTiFuL! I was starting to mentally crochet it in a variety of colors (pale yellow star bursting out through the color spectrum to end in a dark red?? Anyone?! Yes! I'm so into this idea!) but then I remembered that I have a project on-the-hook (several, actually, but we're talking blankets for me). Sooo, maybe next autumn. Or, ya know, when I finish that Bed of Roses I'm working on. :)

Hope everyone has a lovely, autumn day, and I hope you have your own crochet blankie to snuggle up with.


  1. You are very close to inspiring me to dig out my crochet hooks, stars for Christmas maybe? Oh and there's another pair of non-rainboots in a box to be delivered via grammy soon.

  2. Woohoo, boots! I can send you a very cool star ornament pattern. It's 3 dimensional, too. =)


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