Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Home (Fantastic Finds)

These Etsy sellers know that nothing makes your home sweet like some cozy crochet!
Image courtesy of AnaidDesigns
 Love the colors of this gorgeous area rug! Cute puppy-dog too. ;)
Image courtesy of bloomorganics
I *need* one of these for my slimy soap! So handy!

Image courtesy of BombshellBelle
I *love* flowers! Flowers and crochet are like peanut butter and jelly.

Image courtesy of cocosheaven
You can't have too many baskets! Love the details on these.

Image courtesy of CraftyAnna
Such a clever idea (eco-friendly, too!) and it looks like it would make cleaning my floors a joyous event rather than a mundane chore.

Image courtesy of daintyloops
Fun design! Reminds me of a mum, which are quickly becoming my favorite flowers. I can totally see this in my house (that's a hint, Charming Husband).
Image courtesy of lacasadecoto
As a mom with young kids, I'm on the floor a lot. So I'd totally appreciate a floor pouf or two! And they're preeeetty!

Image courtesy of MadeByMo
This would look awesome in my kitchen! Love that turquoise color too.

Image courtesy of towho
Simplicity, check. Stripes, check. Happy yellow, check. Two tones of grey, check. Perfect.

Image courtesy of PhoenixFinery
I just love the basket stitch! And the green and yellow colors! Delightful! (And "YES!" to Jane Austen!)

Image courtesy of HooksAndBobbins
A perfect hot-pad to adorn your kitchen and save your finger tips from 1st degree burns. 

Pattern available at PurpleChairCrochet
Currently my "Mary-Jane Moccasin" house shoes are making my home experience quite sweet indeed. 

What crochet is essential for your home? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Thank you so much for including my swiffer cover pattern ;) I love the baskets and flower pillow!


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