Monday, October 17, 2011

This Yarn Post Sponsored by: Knit Picks & Cooperative Press

"Hey, Jess, did you know there's a package on the front step?"
Oh baby! Check *this* out!

A package from Knit Picks address to yours truly. 

Knit Picks is the company that is graciously providing the yarn for that project of mine (read about it here, then do a happy dance for me). Thanks, Knit Picks! It's an honor!

Here... it... is! I've never opened a box of yarn before. It's such an exciting experience: worthy of documentation, some happy-dance breaks and much "Yahoo!"-ing as I kissed my sweet one-year-old's cheeks in celebration. He loved it too.

Yarn Love.

Here they are in their snug little basket.

I love this part of the skein the best. The swirly parts. Surely there's a name for it, but you probably have to work in the yarn manufacturing industry to be privy to something so obscure.

Here are my colors, side to side...

...and now vertical.

Dramatic Closing Photograph

And ending the photo essay with another epic shot. 

I'm not at liberty to discuss The Pattern with you all. Tough cookies: you'll just have to buy the book. ;) But I can tell you all about the yarn and have decided to document my creative process by showing how much yarn I have left. 

Here's some quick info on what exactly I have in my basket (for those who fell in love, as I have)

~10 Skeins of Knit Picks' "Dishie" 

8 in Azure... If you check out their website you'll discover that... "Azure is a heraldic blue color that will remind you of a cloudless sky. Its blue color and light purple undertones shine when combined with other neutrals and other luscious blues."  Cloudless sky, much like the gorgeous sky right now. And if you ask *me*, you'll discover that Azure is one of my favorite colors. 

and 2 in Tranquil... "Tranquil is a calming blue green color. If you find the calming turquoise colors of the ocean soothing and enjoyable, then you will love having a sweater knitted out of Tranquil. It’s a beautiful color on its own or for color work."  Gorgeous, gorgeous color! I am in love with turquoise lately (just take a peek at my kitchen... or living room... or most of my shirts and a few of my dresses. Oh, and my glasses too... and very nearly my front door, but I resisted the urge because, really, I have to draw the line somewhere). 

"Dishie" is made of 100% cotton (= eco-friendly!) and is 190 yards/100 grams per skein. Machine Washable and Tumble Low Dry-able. 

So what did I miss. I'll recap...
It's gorgeous
It's affordable
It's eco-friendly
It's durable 
...and I can't wait to get to work!


  1. Happy crocheting!!!

  2. loving the colours! cant wait to see what you're making out of it :)


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