Monday, February 13, 2012

(No Longer a) Mystery Project Finished!

Remember my Mystery Project?
I finally got around to FiNiShInG that blasted beautiful thing! 

Pretty much everyone, from blog-land to friends over for a visit agreed that it needed more. I'm glad they all saw what I saw when I looked at it's sparse self. 

Here's a Before (if you didn't feel like clicking the link)....

And now, the After!

So Fun and Happy and Delightful and Colorful and Funky and Good! 

Now if I could just get around to finishing the rest of the kitchen... If only painting was as appealing as crochet. :)

Have a Lovely Day!!


  1. Groovy! And I'm intrigued by the jars on the wall. Candle sconces?

  2. Nope, I use them to root plants or put flowers in whenever I get some. They've just been neglected this winter. :) I like the idea of candles though...!


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