Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Now What? (Yarn)

I got this Avocado Yarn a couple of months ago. It was 
completely impulsive of me
....which, is kinda nice and different. 

I'm the type to write a list of the yarn I need for the projects I must complete
lose that list,
go to the store anyway
and get only half of what I needed 
I forgot what I initially wrote.

I bought this yarn.
And I had wanted it for a very large center piece for my dining room.

I still do.
I was going to take the Ruffled Granny Rug pattern 
with this slighter yarn
and a smaller hook
and create a beautiful table top mandala. 

What's the hang up? 

I have 2 small boys.

3 years, 4.5 months


1 year, 7 months

And I noticed a horribly natural tendency among them to...
...dump out entire bowls full of cereal-
...smear yogurt drips as if that was making them better
...topple drinks
...suddenly make an attempt to climb upon the table
...grab the current center placemat and use it to wipe up the table, wipe their nose, smack their brother, throw on the floor (sometimes in succession)

(Yes, I am working on their table manners, but these things take time.)

In the mean time, I don't want
 my beautiful, impulsive yarn 
to be destined for
destruction and ruin.

So... now what?

It's very light weight yarn, I'd say somewhere between fingering and sport. I've found quite a few slouchy hats that I like (I actually bought a pattern for a GoRgEoUs one!). But, I don't know if I truly have enough yarn or if I even want a color changing hat. That could be a disaster. I don't want my beautiful, impulsive yarn to be a disaster.

I also considered making it into a bag... it's 100% cotton so I'm positive it'd hold up just fine in the real world. I have some bamboo handles lying around... waiting... 

So that's where I'm at. I'll let you know where this goes!

I hope you all have a *lovely* day!

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  1. I love the avocado yarn!!! And the boys!!!

    Ya sis!!


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