Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not-That-Ugly Stash Bustin' Blankie (Finished)

Perhaps you remember my Stash Bustin' Blankie?  
In a burst of industry, I finished it!! 

And I'm so pleased that it's not nearly as ugly as I was preparing myself for. Oh sure, there are hints of uglyness - not ever square is perfect -, but that merely adds to the charm. 

This was taken the day before I finished it...


And here's how she progress today...

Lots and lots of little bits to weave in and trim off.... and I suppose I could have primped the edges up a bit before snapping these. I was rushed, I was excited to be so close to  d o n e !

And now: Close Ups of Favorite Squares...

A last look at the yucky side. Next time I'll be a good crocheter and weave in as I go. Promise.

All that was left a short while later.


And now, perhaps my favorite part: Kid Testing! Featuring Adorable Son the Second 
(aka, The Stinky One)

"Good for grabbing."

"Good for standing on." 
"Good for throwing."
"Good for wiping off your boots (machine washable)."
"Holds up nicely to beatings with a sippy cup."

"Good for small picnics."

"Kid and Moose Approved."

Before I finish, I'll just say this:
With the exception of 3 balls of ecru white cotton, all of the squares were made with yarn on hand.
Total Cost: $7.00 
The blanket is 6 squares across and 6 squares deep.
It is a mix of cotton & acrylic-blend yarn (I know, I know, is Nothing Sacred?! Hey, I had leftovers.)
It is 40" x 40", great for one person crocheting in a purple chair.
There's (so far) no true border, and I may not put one on. I simply granny-ed around.
This blanket was made while watching Top Gear with my Charming Husband (I actually do like that show. I married a car-guy, so I'd better!)and episodes of Downton Abbey (when I was on my own). 

Now I just have to get on finishing that Bed of Roses blanket.... uhh...

Hope You Have a 
Lovely Day!

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