Sunday, February 12, 2012

Olivia Octopus (New!)

A friend of mine knit an octopus over the summer and included it in a facebook album. 
"Oh, cute!" I thought. "I should crochet one!" And so I did. 

Introducing: Olivia Octopus!

Olivia being kid-tested.

Her removable hat is quite the hit.

Olivia, having been approved by The Stinky One, is prepped for her photo-shoot.

How many pictures can you take of a stuffed octopus before they start getting redundant? 4, apparently.... maybe less.

This Olivia Octopus is destined for Miss Olivia S., my sweet little cousin/niece. My boys bid her farewell as I placed her in the padded envelope. They were quite smitten with her. I think I may be required to create an octopus of their own: Ollie Octopus, perhaps? 

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And how else can I close this post than to offer a little Beatles for you all. :)
Have a lovely day!


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