Friday, August 19, 2011

How Very Cliche (Blankets)

Anthropologie, you never disappoint me.
Image courtesy of Anthropologie
 I happened across this gorgeous afghan throw on Anthropologie's website and fell in love. It may be knit. It's hard to see on the pictures. Anyone seen it in the store? I may be taking a trip down there this weekend...
Image courtesy of Anthropologie
 -Sigh-, gorgeous. I love some crochet-maybe-knit blankets. Love, love, LOVE. (Sorry, got over excited).
Image courtesy creativedeva
You may think they're cliche. "Ugh, the girl with the Purple Chair is talking about crochet blankets". C'mon, they're cliche for a REASON.
Image courtesy of lovinghandscrochet
 There's nothing better than a throw blanket, especially one you've made with your own hands.
Image courtesy of magikjaz
 Versatile, snuggly, cozy, warm...
Image courtesy of MrsSpider
 Aesthetically pleasing, fun and rewarding project, family heirloom...
Image courtesy of MrsSpider
 Organic color play,
Image courtesy of theknitbox
or a more cohesive look. Delightful, inviting, fun. Are you sold yet?
Image courtesy of TheHookHound
The above star shaped blankie is a pattern and I'm itching to make this for my little boy! His birthday is in October, he has a preoccupation with being cozy, and he's a big fan of green. So, he's getting a green blanket just in time for the cooler months. (Shh, don't tell him.) Couldn't be more perfect for him.

And then he will join the countless individuals who, somewhere in their house, have their special, hand crocheted (maybe knit) blanket from their childhood. How cliche. ;)

Just for the fun of it (it's Friday, after all) I thought I'd include some pictures of my blankets, since the wee lad's blankie is still a pdf file on my laptop (thanks, TheHookHound!) and a thought in my head. These two live on my couch and are snugglicious (a real word).

Wool used for this blanket available at LionBrandYarn

Cotton yarn used for this blanket available at Lily Sugar 'n Cream

Ahh, blankety goodness. If you're interested in blanket-making at it's most delightful hop over to Lucy's at Attic24. Her Ta-DAH!s are a great time! Scroll down her page a bit on they're listed on the right of the screen. You're welcome!


  1. That anthropologie blanket is a MUST!!! Don't even want to know the price tag! Design sponge had a crochet blanket that I kept the picture of that is also to die for. I'll have to find it and share with you, because I could totally see you making it for someone.... :)
    Love, Holly

    p.s. 4:30?!

  2. Someone..... hmm... ha! See if you can find it! I seem to remember a crocheted rug on design sponge, but it was probably in a Sneek Peek and therefore there is notta-chance I'll see it again. *sigh*

  3. i like the mrs spider squares with colorful centers. Laura Stone


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